By prioritizing your interests, I’m here to help you realize your full potential, solve problems, give best practices, and to reach your KPI’s.

Helping you achieve the best outputs related to the web, design, and marketing by giving my most reliable advice to reach your goals.

I favor experiences over methods more. Methods are based on models, while experiences come through time. Furthermore, they play a game through the heart and soul of an expert.

Well and smartly executed choices, backed with bold decisions and well-crafted strategies, helps players finishing the game victoriously.

1. Problem

Discovering the reasons within the problem, its causes, and by gathering all the essential inputs necessary to understand it better.

2. Diagnose

Understanding it better helps to narrow down all the unnecessary elements, which allows focusing on problem-solving thinking only.

3. Solution

Going in and through all the possible solutions until electing the winning one, and cautiously prepare it for its execution.

4. Execute

Getting back with confidence and a tactical solution that overcomes the problem is what takes any process closer to its finish.

Consulting Areas

I consult and help you get the best-practice solutions.


Ask Ourselves

How much does it take to bring it to the next level, and how far are we willing to go?

The purpose of my consulting is to advise and get you prepared for what’s ahead. To fulfill your goals and to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Consult Zan

Helping you get the best solution for a specific problem in the spirit of


explaining solutions


sharing experiences


moral principles