Zan Lete

I’m happy you are excited about working with me. Below are my options from where you can choose one that suits you best.

If interested in working with me, please contact me through the contact section to check my availability for the possible time frame.



If you need something right away and executed in a quick fashion, this is a good option to get things started.

Hourly rates are flexible and quickly adjustable to any demands. If I am available, I can assist in any needed tasks within 24 hours.

Houry Rate

All my services except for the consulting, have a $90 hourly rate. Please check my availability before hiring me.


My hourly consulting rate is $400. We can arrange it via call or directly at your location. Contact me for more information.



Just starting or onboarding? Not a problem! I can easily tune in to the ongoing one or take full responsibility for a new one.

If you need a dedicated, all-in-one team worker, who can take the lead in any field, has bold decisions and confidence – I’m here!

Contact Me


Looking for someone to be part of your team for a longer period of time? I’m here, available to be hired remotely or full time.

I always enjoyed working within science, pharmacy, health, and gaming industries and would be more than happy to continue so.


In collaboration with your team, I’m working remotely by giving my 110% dedication for 5 days a week, 6 hours per day, driven to empower your production for a $9500 monthly rate.

Full Time

Happy with any opportunity that appreciates people like me. I’m willing to migrate within Europe and the United States for a $120K+ salary – Looking forward to any proposal out there.