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Xonetix needed the presentational website within 5 days timeframe. There were no other branding assets except for the logo – what did I do?

Action Steps

With only 5 days available, I knew from the fist second already that quick planning and organization will play a big role in realizing this project.


Teaming up with a developer was first thing in the list of todos. Having a good wingman by your side on whom you can entirely rely was essential, and Mario Markovič is no doubt one of the best I know by far.


Dividing tasks into small chunks was crucial for this project progression. Designs and up-branding assets had to be produced and designed on the fly and in the right order to feed the developing production.


I completed designs within 2 days, which gave the developer enough time to finish his part. The remaining time was focused on the necessary revisions, polishing out the elements, and production deployment.


Xonetix definitely was a big challenge that had some key points worth mentioning


5 days turnaround time


task order for linear progression

Added Value

print-ready presentation flyer


I had to admit that the provided logo did play a big role in this case toward brand development due to the already set guidelines.

Furthermore, I’ve managed to follow the logo guidelines and design new elements that nowadays represent and contribute to its identity.


Even tho this project felt like impossible from the start, we rolled up our sleeves and brought it home with joy.

At the end of the day, Xonetix was up and ready with its new landing page – nothing amplifies me more than a satisfied client!


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