Hooray Studios

Personalized books for children and their parents wrapped into a magical world of illustrations – One of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

Hooray Studios needed a fun and playful corporate page that speaks their magical world throughout the hearts of the creators – what did I do?

Action Steps

To be fun and playful, you simply had to unleash your inner child and start bringing your imaginations into reality – the sky’s the limit.


I took the responsibility of being a lead designer and a lead developer for the Madwise agency. They hosted a project while I was handling designs, code, and meetings with a project manager who keep everything nicely logged.


I like to incorporate my best practices and thinkings to engage in a linear progression. I start with setting up the live website first from where I was able to do the UX part along with the copy and finally bring it home with designs.


Two weeks in and I had a live webpage running along with the UX and copy in place, and plenty of time left for creativity. Being in love with Hooray’s story amped my creativity – I had to hold my horses to do it responsive ;P


Hooray Studios unleashed my inner child and brought all the joy into production

Project Flow

complete take over


exceeded expectations

Added Value

fun and creative 404 page


No doubt, this project is a great example of how empathy plays a big role in hearing out and connect with client expectations.

Even more, when you are able to connect with the brand’s story, the sky really has no limits, and that anything is possible if you truly believe it.


I’m glad we brought this one home good and proper. Every time I do a project, one of my KPI’s has always been a satisfied client.

I wish there would be more projects like this in the near future. So, If you have anything in your sleaves like this, feel free to let me know.


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